Monday, May 21, 2012

Map of the Week 5-21-2012:Can a 3-D Map Change the World?

A screenshot of the new Mapply platform.  For the interactive version, see
This is Mapply - Virtual 3-D Maps built with real world data.  So far, the website just shows demos - the actual application is not really up and running yet, but the developers are claiming some amazing things for their platform.  They say they have real-time data for 400 cities in 52 different countries, and there is practically no limit to what you can find with the data. There will be real-time data on weather, traffic, what's happening in each city, how to get around, connections to all kinds of data extracted from social media that will inform our understanding of a place, and more - all in one site for easy access.  They say it will change the world! 
Check out their little videos of fly-throughs of London and San Francisco at  Here is “From Olympic Park to the Gherkin.”

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