Friday, September 9, 2011

Name That Map Projection!

Map Projection Identification Contest! 
OK, I am trying something new and exciting!  A contest!  With a nice prize, even!  The way to win the contest and the prize is to correctly identify the map projection used in the map shown above.  You have to tell me what it is, details about it, and what possible purpose it is particularly good for.  Whoever sends me the most correct, complete response the fastest will win the prize, and the winner and correct answer will be announced in my September 19th blog posting on Map of the Week
I was inspired to do this because (1.) I love quizzes and contests!  And (2.) my posting on the oblique case map projections, for some (very!) odd reason, has become one of the most oft-viewed of my blog posts.
This does not necessarily mean that the oblique case map projection post is very beloved and popular with readers, of course.  Or even that it is very excellent.  Or that there is inordinate interest, all of a sudden, in the obscure topic of oblique case projections.  It could just mean that some crazy (err, I mean uber-discerning) professor or two has assigned the post as reading for a class on mapping science, cartography, or GISc.  That’s the only reasonable explanation I can come up with, anyway, to explain the mad number of views!  Totally unexpected!  So I figured if there is so much interest in strange map projections, perhaps I better have a contest on map projection identification. Fun, right? 
Please send your responses to me via e-mail by no later than 6:00 PM EDT on September 16th (GMT -5) at Subject line: Map projection contest.  Please!  No copying from Wikipedia (or anywhere else, for that matter!)  I will know!  Instant disqualification! 

UPDATE: See the posts Map of the Week 9-19-2011: Mecca at the Center of the World
for info on these Mecca-Centric projections, at  and 
We Have a Winner at for the correct answer to the contest, details about the projection, and how the mystery map projection was solved.



  2. Yes, well, tune in to the "We Have A Winner!" post in order to find out who won the contest. The winning entry will have some information about the purpose of this unusual projection. There is a method to the madness!

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