Monday, November 21, 2011

Map of the Week 11-21-2011: The United States of Molitorious

The United States of Molitorious

This is a wonderful example of cartography forming maps in the shape of animals - zoomorphic maps - as highlighted in my recent posts on the topic (in three parts). 

Molitorious (not sure if that’s his real name, or a Latin-ized version of it) is an illustrator who decided to create a map of all 50 states, each one in the shape of a creature.  Then at the end, he put them all together to form a map of the U.S.  Here are his “self-imposed rules” for his creation:

Self imposed rules:
* Must post a new state on Tuesdays and Fridays!
* drawing cannot "go outside the lines" .. no extra bits outside border.
* most if not all states must be self contained drawings.
* drawing is to scale of a map size.. TX is bigger than Vermont(this may be tricky).
* states are alive (monster, animal, person, etc..)
* goal is to have a huge poster of all the states together at end.

Here is his website where the entire U.S. map is all together, and to look at individual maps of the states, you have to look at “Previous” postings. 

Here is New York State - a Mighty Lion!  Befitting for the Empire State! (What's up with the multiple eyes, like a fly, though?)

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