Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Train Tracking, Food Spending, and a Video Time Capsule!

To add a few more cool websites into the mix for your viewing pleasure, here are some new ones recently sent to me:

1.)    Where do foodies spend their dough?  (Thanks, Amy Trexler, for sending)

This one contains maps showing how much New Yorkers spend on food, eating out, etc.  It's amazing that we (well, not ME, personally, but we collectively as New Yorkers!) have one of the lowest BMIs (body mass indices) in the country.  I don't know how we manage to do it, with all this excessive eating out!  (well, clearly, I don't manage to do it, but nevertheless!).

Where do NYC foodies spend their dough?

2.)    The Urban Eye – NYC in 1995 – A Time Capsule  (Thanks, again, Amy Trexler, for sending)

This website has a couple of neat videos done in the mid-1990s about the disappearing treasures of NYC.  It's hard to believe that 1995 was more than 15 years ago now, (it seems like just yesterday!...) but these videos make it obvious that NYC in 1995 was a very different place. 
Ah, well, the past is a foreign country, as they say. 

NYC in 1995: A Time Capsule

And for those of you interested in historic preservation, visiting historic sites, and so forth, I recommend the book "The Past is a Foreign Country," by David Lowenthal, Cambridge University Press.  Truly a masterpiece, and well worth reading.

3.)    Where is your train?  (Thanks, Andrew Maroko, for sending.)

I wish we had a good train tracking system like this in NYC, but of course, we wouldn’t be able to access it from our mobile devices whilst underground, anyway!  NYC: get with the program!  This is the second decade of the 21st Century!  You would think we have a Luddite for a Mayor, or something, instead of one who built his reputation on being supposedly technologically-savvy! 

Cool “live” map of the tube in London…

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