Monday, December 12, 2011

Map of the Week 12-12-2011:U.S. Population Density

Another interesting technique to map pop density: The ever-interesting United States population.  Where do we live?  Where don't we live? This is a nice map using a quasi-3-D topographical technique to depict population density.  This shows better than most population density maps, I think, the extremes in the high and low density areas of the country - the peaks and the flatlands, so to speak.

And as an interesting side-note to this pop density map, and in the spirit of the Re-Regionalizing the American Continent post of several months ago (, here is a map showing how the United States could be divided up into states more equally by population.  Each “state” shown here would have approximately the same population, about 40 million, plus or minus.  This is what it would look like if every state was as populous as California, with over 37 million people. 

And here’s what the U.S. would look like if the land were divided up according to wealth of the population (the famous 1-percenters would, of course, own quite a lot.  The top 10% (the top 1% + the next top 9%) would own virtually the entire country.  The bottom 90% of us would own about 1/8 of the land mass, by my scientific eye-balling it estimation.

Adults with College degrees 1940-2009, from

In this interactive map, you can look at educational attainment by everyone, men, women, black, Hispanic, Asian, predominantly wealthy counties, poor counties, black counties, Hispanic counties.

For more examples of innovative population density mapping, see


  1. Thanks Map Monkey - Great site!!!!

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  3. Thanks Map Monkey - Great site!!!!

  4. fuckingi terrible site, horroible map, doesnt make sense, thumbs down to you....

  5. That 3D map is great. Much more impactful than blotches of colour.

  6. im not in the 10% but stop with butthurt 1% propaganda. people who create jobs shouldn't be punished. everyone sitting on their butthurt arses will be a self destructive depressive lot. get a purpose enjoy life and stop being jealous.

    1. The concentration of wealth to the 1% has accelerated while 90% have not had salary increases over 10 years. Companies have record cash in the bank and substantial profits. This "job creators" term is a farce. These are low wage part-time jobs, with no benefits, or health insurance. Tax payers pick up those tabs as externalities now as companies make record profits. The 1% are banking the money not creating jobs and large corporations are paying almost nothing in taxes. Take a look at history we are heading back to the times of old. It is not about being jealous it is about making sure the younger generation has the opportunities afforded to us and to make sure I don't have to pay for everyone else benefits while others use favors to evade paying whats fair.

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  8. The first one is really great. How can we produce maps like it?

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  11. The quasi-3D population map is by far the best way I've seen to visualize population. How was it done? Where did it come from?

  12. The quasi-3D population map is by far the best way I've seen to visualize population. How was it done? Where did it come from?